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Years ago, long before the word “blog” even existed, I began writing snippets from my past, with a view that I might put together a collection of stories from my experiences to someday share with my children.  At the time, I didn’t get further than writing a series of short pieces about my own childhood, but perhaps the opportunity to post them on my website will motivate me to write more.  Unlike my “Ladders of Learning” blog, I have written these stories from my memories of personal experiences – with no small measure of distortion and exaggeration – without necessarily drawing any direct connection to my work as an educator.  

As with my blog posts, I hope these stories will be enjoyed by readers as well as encourage others to do likewise – to sift through your memories, turn some of the most significant experiences of your life into your own stories, and share them with others – for perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of being human is our predilection for sharing stories . . . and what could be more important in that regard than sharing the stories of our most poignant moments?

Thanks for reading along,
Ken Andrews, 2016


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